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Question: How to keep a relationship?
Answer: Love From Azerbaijan

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Question: What do you think of this pick up line?
Answer: Through some troubles with my ex. I coudnt believe all i found out

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Question: What do girls think of other girls with small breasts?
Answer: I have no idea how I ended up here but 13 those Jordans are heat. Anyone know what they are?

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Question: Married women....more "Open" I guess?
Answer: Iceland is always a unicorn on a world map,love it.Hope to visit some day!


Question: Seriously, What's wrong with me?
Answer: French woman are:

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Question: Mates Losing virginity in a brothel- good idea???
Answer: Y'all should Do Irish women next

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Question: People with disabilities...do you consider yourself undateable?
Answer: Niquez vos races

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Question: Can i split up with G/f for this reason?
Answer: Do you know you dating japaneese woman

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Question: Why do girls hate awkward guys SO MUCH?
Answer: White hoes are not loyal

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Question: Women, do you think it's ok to hit men?
Answer: She sucks at speaking french

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Question: Hot and Cold, hes an a-hole right?
Answer: I dated a Russian man, it took him only 10 minutes to get me to bed xD and I didn't even realize he was making a move. We talked a lot after sex like we didn't do anything before, but after that, he would only call me if needs companion. And I always come. I know I'm stupid, I just couldn't resist

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Question: How old is too old?
Answer: Brittany had the best accent out of the ladies

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Question: Am I supposed split the cost of his pills?
Answer: Are the French Canadians ones coming? or.

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Question: DO your parents make you feel real guilty?
Answer: The accent is a pretty big giveaway

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Question: How did you ask her out?
Answer: Greek girl here-this is accurate.

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