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Question: How much contact is 'too much'?
Answer: Generally if a Man no matter what the race is genuinely into you he will make a move.

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Question: Have you ever been Catfished?
Answer: I've met a lot of Japanese people visiting America through work. This is definitely overwrought but It does highlight the cultural dichotomy of dating. Same culture is mundane, but a different culture is automatically more interesting.

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Question: Female faking an orgasm?
Answer: Tbh I think that Steve guy was cuter than all of the guy pictures.

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Question: How do I go about this problem?
Answer: Ah yes. fuck vegans.

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Question: Is it possible to 'drift in' to paedophilia unwittingly?
Answer: Hi I'm Liberian American (black). I want an Italian women from Italy. I can speak Italian. will Italian men target me for trying to date an Italian women.

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Question: Is getting girls in clubs more about looks or confidence?
Answer: Almost spat my tea when i saw her nose . omg . Really !

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Question: At what point do you stop blaming yourself for being single..?
Answer: I just love Turkish songs

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Question: So confused. what does he mean?
Answer: Most German women are just materialist money whores nothing more nothing less.

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Question: Do breaks ever work?
Answer: So to clear the turkish mess up.

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Question: What happens to first year uni relationships in that first summer?
Answer: When her record is 23-4 #50-0

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Question: Do people Not have Morals anymore?
Answer: Haha! This is totally true! Cdn men are pretty lazy when it comes to chasing girls! They do use a ton of apps like the video says, unfortunately.

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Question: Can someone whos lazy their whole life become unlazy later?
Answer: Whats the greek songs name?

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Question: Can girls make a guy scream during sex?
Answer: I'm a brazilian man and i find it very offensive.

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